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Club Guidelines

Grants Pass School District is proud of its extracurricular clubs and organizations.  Student organizations may be either curriculum-related or voluntary student initiated clubs that are not curriculum-related. 

“Curriculum-related” Clubs or Student Groups:

1.       The group’s subject matter is actually taught (or will soon be taught) in a regularly offered course;

2.       The group’s subject matter concerns the body of courses as a whole; or

3.       Participation in the group is required for a particular course or results in academic credit.

“Voluntary student-organized” Clubs or Student Groups:

1.       Be voluntary and student initiated;

2.       Identified as a service group, honorary group, or special interest group;

3.       Not materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of the educational activities within the school; and

4.       Not be directed, controlled, conducted or regularly attended by “non-school” persons.

To ensure quality programs on this campus all student clubs and organizations must be reviewed by student leadership and approved by administration. 


Clubs and/or student organizations must adhere to the following guidelines and procedures


Club/Organization Formation

1.       Forming a Club/Organization:  Any staff member with a group of students wishing to form a new club on campus should submit an “Application for School Club Formation” application to the student leadership and administration.  Clubs must

a.       Have more than five active members

b.       Must have an approved staff advisor

c.       Are strongly encouraged to have a community/school service component

d.       The application will include

                                                               i.      Purpose and intent of the club;

                                                             ii.      Organizational bylaws/constitution;

                                                           iii.      Name of staff advisor;

                                                           iv.      Costs/fees for club members;

                                                             v.      Statement indicating that the organization has reviewed and agrees to abide by Board Policy IGDA (Student Organizations) and Board Policy KG (Community Use of Facilities)

2.       Club/Organization Approval:  The Student Leadership will review all applications for club formation and offer input and/or questions for the club/organization plan.  All club formation applications will then be forwarded to administration for approval. 

3.       Parent Notification:   Parents will be notified annually of clubs and organizations available at their child’s school.  Information will be posted on school websites and in Student/Parent Handbooks.  At the middle school, parents will be asked to complete permission slips for students wishing to participate in specific clubs and organizations.  At the high schools, parents who do not wish to have their student participate in specific clubs and/or organizations will notify school administration.

4.       Club/Organization Meetings:  Students may be permitted to hold meetings on district property before or after the regular student school day, or during school breaks and/or lunch, under the following conditions:

a.       Meetings shall be scheduled in advance and will have a staff member present

b.       All meetings must be approved by the principal or designee

c.       Normal class activities shall not be interrupted

d.       The meeting shall not incite hazard to person or property

e.       No group which encourages or advocates the violation of federal laws, state laws, or school rules shall be granted use of district facilities

f.        No speaker who encourages or advocates breaking the law shall be invited to speak.

g.       Parents of club members may visit club meetings/activities at any time.  Parents are asked to notify the club advisor and/or leader prior to the visit to ensure all club members have been notified of the guest at the meeting. 

h.       Club leadership in conjunction with the club advisor may invite guests to club meetings with the approval of club members. 

i.         Volunteers having repeated visits and interactions with the club must follow the GPSD7 volunteer background check and procedures.

5.       Club Activities:   Club activities must be approved by school administration

a.       Use of school media and distribution of materials:  Student groups may use school media (e.g. bulletin boards, intercom systems, student newspapers) to announce their meetings and activities as determined by the principal.  All materials prepared by or for a student group for distribution on district premises shall comply with the policies and regulation of the district relating to the dissemination of materials.  Posters that are approved should be stamped “admin approved”.  Clubs must work with the District Communication Specialist if they plan to start their own social media page.

b.       Fundraisers:  All fundraising activities must be approved by school administration

c.       Expenditures:  Any club expenditures must be approved by the club

d.       Field Trips:  Club field trips must have parent notification and permission

e.       Building use and access to school resources is allowed with administration approval 

6.       Annual Report:  Each year in the spring, all clubs and organizations approved by the student council and administration will submit an activity report form.  The student council will review the current roster of clubs/organizations on campus.

7.       Dissolution:  Each year in the spring, the student council will review the current roster of clubs/organizations on campus.  Clubs/organizations that have been inactive for two years or have failed to comply with Board policy will be recommended for dissolution.

Identifying characteristics that would label a club inactive are:

a.       No staff advisor;

b.       Membership has fallen to below the minimum required by the bylaws or is less than 5;

c.       No meetings have been held within that two-year time period;

d.       Replacement by another club similar in purpose; or

e.       No activity in the end of the year activity reporting form.

8.       Penalties:  Failure to adhere to any Board policies or school regulations may result in loss of sanction, non-voluntary dissolution of the club or a request that the club not meet on school property.  School administration will make all final determinations on club status.


Club Advisor Roles and Responsibilities

·         Clubs/organization are intended to be student led with an agenda developed by the students participating in the club/organization.

·         Advisors should oversee all club activities to ensure they are in line with board policies and school district procedures.  The advisor should refer any issues to building administration. 

·         Staff may request that a new club or advisory position be added to the extra duty schedule by making an application with their building principal; principals will make a recommendation to the LMC for consideration.  The LMC consideration will include but is not limited to: the number of students to be served; number of hours required; community service component and travel/field trip activities.  Requests for the next school year will be considered by the LMC in February.  Teachers requesting a change to the level of a position will also go through the same process.  General guidelines:

o   During the work day, no additional hours (e.g. allowing students to meet during lunch in the teacher classroom) 10 students/50 hours

o   20 students/75 hours or more

o   40 students/75 hours or more